Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Gaurantee
Orchid Florist prides itself on our superior product and customer service. We guarantee your satisfaction with every order! If you are not satisfied with any product purchased at the Orchid Florist, call us and we will make it right.

Every order is fully guaranteed. We ask that you advise us immediately as soon as any problem is encountered.

You are required to take reasonable care of fresh perishable products like flowers. High heat, sun and cold will have a very strong negative impact on the life of the gift.

Fresh flowers and plants should never be placed on top of heat sources like televisions, in hot sunny windows or near cold drafty spots such as doors or open windows.

Floral containers should always be kept full of fresh clean water. Fresh flowers can be expected to last 5 to 7 days if kept cool and containers are full of water. Stems should always be given a fresh cut just before being place in a vase of warm water with preservative (applies to roses and cut bouquets) Flowers delivered out of water shall be recut and placed in water the same day. These flowers will not be satisfactory if left out of water overnight and as such cannot be guaranteed.

Plants and fresh flower containers should never be placed directly on a surface that may be damaged by water especially wood, metal, paper or cloth. Always place a plate or saucer under the item.  Orchid Florist will not be responsible for any damage that may occur by placing flowers on plants on such surfaces.

Flowers and plants should not be eaten. Please take care to see that children and pets do not consume these items.

This guarantee shall be limited to the replacement value not to exceed the original product order amount not including delivery or service charges. The guarantee is not available if the problem is not reported immediately and no later than 5 days from the date of delivery.

The Orchid Florist


We have been delivering flowers in Winnipeg and across Canada since 1905 and have taken great care to ensure that each and every order is treated with the utmost attention.