Sending flowers to Hospitals

What to send?
Styles, tastes and personal preferences play a large role in choosing the right flower arrangement to send. There are however some basic guidelines especially when sending to certain locations such as hospitals. Below we have outlined these guidelines as a quick reference for you to ensure that your flower choice is the correct one and will be enjoyed and appreciated by the recipient.


Many hospitals have rules regarding what type of flower arrangements they will allow inside the hospital. These rules need to be respected as they are in place to protect patients and staff.
Arrangements sent to hospitals need to be:

Not too big - there is limited room in a patient’s area so it is important not to send an arrangement that is too big. Tall slim arrangements are always good if you want to send something large and impressive. Have a look through our selection specific for hospitals to most common sizes sent.
Contained in a water source - It is generally not acceptable to send fresh cut bouquets to a hospital as most hospitals do not have vases on hand nor do the staff have time to take care of cut flowers upon arrival.
Not containing soil - a potted plant is a lovely gift, however some hospitals will not allow them in case the soil they are potted in contains bacteria, germs or other contaminants that could interfere with the well being of patients. In Winnipeg most hospitals accept plants at this time. Should you be choosing for another city, we will advise you if it will be accepted in that city.
Fragrance- It is important not to send heavily scented flowers to a hospital as the rooms are small and the scent can be overpowering. Flowers such as Oriantal lily or hyacinth are not very suitable for hospitals. Asiatic lily are perfectly fine to send to hospitals as they have no scent.
Childrens Hospitals: Latex balloons are not accepted at childrens hospitals. Please choose a mylar balloon should you want to send balloons to the recipient.

NOTE: If a patient is in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) flowers may not be allowed. Standard procedure is for us to call this on your behalf to see when the patient is able to receive your floral gift (the patient is not notified of the intended delivery so the surprise is kept in tact). If they will not accept the flowers we call the next day, and the next day, until the patient is moved to a recovery ward where they can have the flowers.

Delivery to Hospitals:
In cases where the hospitals allow our delivery drivers to go directly to the room we will deliver your flower gift directly. In most cases however, the flowers are left at a central delivery location and hospital staff take the flowers up to the room. We cannot guarantee when the flowers will arrive in the recipients room, however it is generally within a few hours of us delivering them.
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New Born Babies
There are always a lot of question about what to send someone who has just had a baby.
Should you choose to send to the hospital we will do our best to ensure that Mom and baby are still in the hospital prior to delivery. Many times baby’s go home next day. If you suspect Mom and baby may be going home shortly, it may be best to send to the home instead.
When sending to hospitals, please read basic hospital guidelines stated above when sending to Mom and baby.
A few things to remember when sending a baby gift:
It may not be advisable to send food items if the mother underwent surgery as there is often diet restrictions for several days after surgery.
Don’t forget dad and older siblings when sending a gift and card. A box of chocolates for Mom and Dad and a balloon or plush animal for big brother or sister are some ideas to send a big congratulations to everybody!
Twins: If you choose to send an item which includes a teddy bear or keepsake, it may be a good idea to include two of them. We can certainly customize any item for you.
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